Meet Louis J.F., Front of House Employee of 2010

Louis’s pet peeve are disarranged bar stools, and his favorite thing must be contradiction. Why else would someone who is afraid of heights choose flying as his super power? And that’s just the beginning. To get a direct answer from him is nearly impossible. Not for a lack of opinions. Behind those friendly eyes is hiding an overheated, never slowing down thinking machine that exerts as much energy at disputing his own point as it does coming up with it. He’s funny and non-traditionally humble for a Las Vegas native. Still, there’s is a surprising amount of defiance and assertion in this quick-witted Hussong’s server, but the guests that he chooses to treat like his own private party would never know it. This may be what earned him the “Employee of the Year” title. That, or the fact the when confronted about a mistake (and he makes those, occasionally), for once his over analytical chatter quiets down, he zones his eyes somewhere to the distance as if to scan escape routes, but then nods his head in acceptance of fault in a shocking abbreviation states: “Yeah, I screwed up. Won’t happen again.” Or, maybe he was rewarded for his stellar spelling skills – ask Louis for a word that starts with the letter Q; you’ll be surprised what he can come up with!

Tell us about how you grew up?
I grew up in Las Vegas, born and raised, I am a rarity…Middle class, pretty standard except for when I was growing up my parents were still married, it’s one of those things where it was crazy how it switched, most kids going through the craziness of their parents’ divorce, but my parents are still married. Basically all of my childhood friends have divorced parents, whereas mine are still together. And happy.

First kiss?
I think I was actually 6 years old, in my garage, with one of the girls down the street…it was kind of like a dare with the other kids.

First car?
It was a Chevy S10, 1992. The car was 10 years old when I got it, it was a stick, I had to learn how to drive it, which I am glad, because now I will forever know how to drive a stick.

Childhood role model?
Lots of them would have been just like sports people…players. I grew up playing baseball, so I liked Rickey Henderson, Mark McGwire. I did want to play baseball, but when I got to high school I ended up actually doing theater through out high school…they had a shortage of guys from my class. Plus I was always intrigued by theater…and you know, tons of girls, too. But back to my role models, pretty much like any kid, of course my dad, couple athletes – just like any kid.

Current role model?
Mmmm…I guess personally I just don’t want to single one person out, I’d like to be able to kind of see inspiration through different situation, different stories, not necessarily through only one person, one life.

Ideal way of spending the weekend?
I don’t know. When you are a server, you kind of don’t have any weekends. So having one would be ideal in itself. Perfect way spending it would be going to San Diego and making it a four day weekend. I love San Diego. I want to eventually live there.

What would you like to be one day?
Between like bunch of things…I wouldn’t mind majoring in psychology and becoming a psychiatrist or therapist, but I know that would take a lot of schooling. I mean, not that it can’t be done, but I ma 26 now and it’s like 8 years or something like that…I mean anything can be done at any age. I wanna go back to school in any case, and I’ve thought about it too, maybe restaurant management.

What do you like about being server?
I guess in some way I like satisfying people, showing them a good time. You are actually being like a host of a party, as if like that was my house out there and everyone is my guest at my party and I am just trying to show them the best time possible. I also enjoy lot of the team stuff about restaurants, reminds me of baseball. And those moments when you almost think you are not going to be able to handle things and then you stop thinking about the stress of that and just do it and then an hour goes by and you are like – I handled it, everything was good. That’s a good feeling.

Ever had a concussion?
No. Played some football, never been hit that hard, though.

Would you rather watch a chick flick or volunteer at a senior center?
Yeah, I don’t care. I think if it’s a goodly done chick flick, if it’s done kind of realistically, not all mystical and stuff, but like you know, within reason…you know, like the movie “Just like Heaven” with Reese Witherspoon, technically she’s like a spirit, a ghost the whole time or whatever, that’s still a good movie, like that’s a good chick flick, even though that’s kinda going against what I just said. But actually volunteering does kind of intrigue me, too.

Ski or snowboard?
I’ve never done neither.

Superpower of choice?
I guess I’d probably have to go with flying event though I am afraid of heights. But I think it’s the falling actually, so if I knew I could fly, then I wouldn’t have the fear of falling, because I’d be able to fly so I would never have to worry about falling.

Boxers or briefs?
Do I have to be honest or can I say what I wore last? Most Recently? Personally, I am comfortable with saying none.

Blonds or brunettes?
Definitely brunettes. Maybe it’s psychological because my sister and my mom are blonds, but I personally just prefer the look of dark haired women. I think it looks better.

Glass half full or half empty?
Depends on the situation.

Dream location you’d like to visit?
See I am kind of caught because, the rare times I have vacation days I always think: “Man, I should really go visit somewhere…” but I love San Diego so much, it’s almost like I don’t ever wanna be disappointed, like if I ever go anywhere else I might be let down. See, that’s the thing, since I have only so very few vacations, I may just as well go to San Diego, because I know I am going to have a good time.

Favorite Hussong’s dish?
Under the employee meals category or what I like the best? (Laughs.) I like the best Chile Relleno.


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