Meet Hussong’s New General Manager

Dan Shrum has really done it all. Red Square, Roy’s, Stratosphere, Ruth’s Chris and many more. If you’re our guest, let us introduce you to the true gentleman of restaurants; calm, accommodating, elegant and stoic. You a Hussong’s employee? Let those blue eyes sooth you into comfort and find yourself told straight up exactly what you need to hear with your guards all the way down at your ankles. And that is precisely what landed Dan the job. He knows what he’s doing, he is out to do it and yes, he wants to have fun doing it and will land his support to all staff to create some amazing atmosphere for both guests and employees, as he believes in utilizing the synergy of these two seemingly separate worlds. But if he’s told you once; he’s told you enough times. Unless there is a clear and obvious question mark at the end of his sentence (and you WILL know), he’s not asking you. Are you in to dine with us? Bathe in the warmth of his genuine smile. Note for both parties – Dan actually has a great sense of humor. The fact we needed to clarify this, gives away that it’s probably not your commonly practiced and understood humor, but it’s there. Take your time finding it, because Dan is just getting comfortable. We’ll give you a hint for when you come by to say hello to Dan – ask him about golf and watch him light up the room. For those of you curious to know, MJ is still involved with Hussong’s Las Vegas‘s operations as a Director of Operations for Titan Nightlife Group, but is simultaneously working on other restaurant projects.

How did you grow up?
I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, as your typical sports oriented male, with a couple of sisters. Still love the the SF bay area, try to get back there as much as possible. It’s one of the prettiest places in the country, which I’ve seen quiet a bit of.

First kiss?
You realize I am old, right? Oh my god…first kiss…wow. Uhmmm, you know I am not exactly sure who it was, but it had to have been, we were involved with the Blue Devils, which is like a marching band and I was young, at that age when you start liking girls…I can’t remember exactly who it was, but it must have been during that interaction with the opposite sex on regular basis.

First car?
1970 Chevelle Malibu.

Childhood role model?
49’s Joe Montana, the closest I knew to God (laughing).

Current role model?
Definitely Roy Yamaguchi, really admire his work ethic. Also Chris Sullivan, the founder of Outback.

Ideal way to spend a weekend?
Playing golf. Easy!

Why did you choose this industry, or did you?
I have someone I love/hate that got me into this so long ago and I will never forget it. I graduated from college, my major was physical therapy, I was accepted to go to grad school at Eastern Michigan for athletic training where I was going to get my masters in training. But before I was going back to school I moved back to Concord to my folks’ for the summer and was working in a local athletic club as a fitness instructor, and one of my clients was Mark DeSaulnier (current CA senator) at the time owner of the TR’s bar and Grill, worked out with him, helped him – you can throw him in my role models as well, by the way – anyways, so I am sure I was complaining about not making enough money (laughs) and he told me that he could teach me how to bartend. So, you know, I go down there and he teaches me how to bartend and next thing I know I am, you know, working more at the restaurant because I am making quite bit more than the gym and I decide I am gonna take a year off before I go back to school so I spent a year as a single bartender, you know in my early 20’s…what can I say? Have been in the restaurant business ever since. Bartender, server and then finally with Ruth’s Chris I asked to get into managing, I started by being a part of the training team and opening Ruth’s back in the day when they were going crazy and then slowly moved up to being a GM and…here I am.

Career goal?
I’ve been fairly happy with my career, all the different concepts I’ve been a part of. I’ve been offered other jobs, but you know, I don’t want another job. I’d rather do something where I can make a difference, instead of just working for a paycheck, I’d rather take a chance and get involved with people that are risk takers and have plans to build and create things, so – here I am!

Ever had a concussion?
Yeah. I played football. I wish I could remember how many.

Would you rather volunteer at a senior center or watch a chick flick?
Unfortunately working at a restaurant I don’t really have the time to do either…but I like chick flicks. I like romantic movies.

Ski or snowboard?

Super power of choice?
Uhmmm…well…now that I am getting older I guess to somehow slow down time. Is that a super power? Somehow change my metabolism so I age at a slower rate…that’s my super power.

Boxers or briefs?

Brunettes or blonds?
My wife is a blond…but is anyone really anymore truly 100% blond? I mean I always ask her, and she says she is, but I think she’s more like a light brunette…so I have a mix of both! (laughs)

Glass half empty or half full.
Half full.

Dream location you’d like to visit?
Scotland/Ireland golf trip.

Favorite Hussong’s dish?
Lobster Tacos, but, you know, let me think about it. I mean, they are all good…nachos are really good, too. Our fajitas, too. I can’t just choose one.


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