What do you think of our new menu?

As you may or may have not noticed, we made a few changes to our menu. These changes are reflective of a few factors: first, we took our time to examine the legibility and simplicity of the menu. Not only are the letters big enough to read, but the navigation itself is clear and concise, it minimizes confusion and decreases the potential for server error when taking orders. Second, we went through item by item, re-read the descriptions about a thousand times and asked our customers whether the meal verbiage was clear but appetizing and enticing. Lastly, we looked at the item order and general layout, which should help highlight our favorites, navigate customer’s eyes to our specialties and maybe more unique items. We also condensed what used to be three separate menus (food, drink & late-night) into one. You will either appreciate this because you like to snuggle with trees or because you like to have space on our table while you eat, either way this is positive.

After we cleaned up all this, we took a few items off, to allow for more focus and streamline direction of efforts and manpower in our kitchen, thus increasing the quality of the items currently offered. We also added a new item – Tostado salad: very fresh, light and delicious mix of lettuce and avocado and corn, with black beans and some cotija cheese, all coated with just the right amount of citrus-vinaigrette. This salad by default comes with a grilled chicken breast, but you can upgrade to shrimp, like on this picture below, or sauteed

Our latest addition to our menu - Tostado Salad, so fresh, so...perfect for summer!

fish. It’s an awesome summer dish and frankly, we can’t get enough of it.

If your favorite item is no longer on the menu, watch for our weekly specials, as we may be bringing these few dishes or variations thereof back throughout the year. Our weekly specials appear on Facebook, and are always posted in front of the restaurant.  You can also expect your server to announce them during his or her introduction.

Also please notice that we have dedicated a meal to one of our favorite non-profits, FAST Aid. FAST Aid is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial, educational and personal assistance to injured racers, support teams and their families as well as ensures the necessary support is in place to complete a thorough recovery and rehabilitation from motor sports racing incidents. We support Fast Aid and are donating 10% of sales of Huarache to this organization each month, for the rest of the year at least. So if you’d like to feel extra good about eating some yummy food, order Huarache, which is a Tenderized flap steak atop a crispy tortilla and borracho beans, topped with layers of chile negro, Chimichurri, pico de gallo, cotija cheese, sour cream and lettuce-cabbage. It’s great grub, plus you are doing something positive for this world – two birds, one Huarache.

Please check out this great cause to which we now will be periodically donating 10% of our Huarachse sales at fast-aid.org.

We will continue to play around with our menu until we feel it’s close to perfection, at which point we’d like to add some color pictures of our dishes and will actually take the step to a more committed version of it – full color print! So please keep your comments coming, share them with your server or the manager.  We are not done yet and at the end, this menu has to work for you – so tell us what that means!

The full menu can be downloaded here: Hussong’s New Menu. or is also available on our website, www.hussongslasvegas.com or you can grab a copy at our restaurant!


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