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Hussong’s Cantina & Taqueria Celebrates Dia de los Muertos

The traditional Mexican holiday brings themed cocktails, food specials and fun to Hussong’s

LAS VEGAS—Hussong’s Cantina & Taqueria will host creepy cocktails, food specials and the Most Interesting Painted Skull Contest in a weekend-long celebration of Dia de los Muertos. The Day of the Dead holiday is celebrated in Mexico for family and friends to remember and celebrate the lives of those who have passed away.

Food and beverage specials will be offered Thursday, October 27 through Monday, October 31 including: Dos Equis pitchers for $18 and Don Julia Blackberry Margaritas served in a skull for $9.95. The Oaxacan style Turkey Tamale, a Mexican dish topped with silky traditional black mole, chile ancho, sour cream, queso fresco, broccoli sprouts and cabbage salad, served with a saffron rice and double fried white beans will be available for $14.95.

The Most Interesting Painted Skull contest will take place on Sunday, October 30. Paint supplies and skulls will be provided to contestants looking to win a handful of “deadly” prizes. The first place winner will receive a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon for two, second place will receive a Stratosphere SkyJump pass, and third place will receive a zipline ride with Flightlinez down Fremont Street.

The Most Interesting Painted Skull contest will run all day with judging at 7pm. Contestants must be present to win.


What’s the deal with “Hussong’s – It’s Not Chinese” Wednesdays?

For all existing long time fans of Ensenada‘s Hussong’s Cantina, this will come as a laughable, surprising, maybe even astonishing fact, but since we’ve opened our doors in Las Vegas we’ve learned that to those previously unfamiliar with this Baja staple, the name “Hussong” sounded, well – Oriental. We have to admit that during the first signs of this new realization, we took on the denial approach and considered about a dozen or so of the initial occurrences as obvious flaws on the customers’ end – terms like severe ignorance, lack of cultural awareness, or just plain disconnect from all that matters were tossed around frequently upon hearing of this misconception by all friends of the original Hussong’s, which by the way, has been around for over 100 years (and…you know…there’s also that little thing about the word “Cantina” being in our title…but we understand. There are many Chinese Cantinas out there. We understand…).

It is a wondrous step, introducing a new concept or a brand to the world. And we must be responsible about it. It is no different than giving an existence to a new life. For those of you who are parents, put yourselves in our shoes. Your child is Latin, but people think it’s Chinese. Wouldn’t you feel at least a slight desire to perhaps correct this differing reality, without ever intending to insult either race? Well, we are those parents. After hours of group, couple and individual therapy, intense team bonding (to help create more supportive atmosphere), months of mountain climbing and jungle surviving (to gain perspective and induce some revelations) we feel we finally arrived at a stable place to face this extremely heavy, disturbing and forever life alerting fact: not everyone knows the origin of Hussong’s Cantina and its history.

Yes. It is a tragedy within a tragedy (think Russian wooden dolls) and it has taken a lot of effort to drink and eat our way through this ginormous pile of grief, but we came stronger out the other side. And since (as you can see) we take this issue extremely seriously, our solution is equally humor-absent: “Hussong’s – It’s Not Chinese” Wednesdays. Straight to the point. No gimmicks. Cuts through like a beam of light. Woosshaaaaaa…

So please come and share this ethnic (con)fusion filled evening with us. Every Wednesday, we are preparing some very serious food specials for you that may cure your schizophrenia or cause you one. We will also share stories about Johann Hussong, German immigrant who established Hussong’s dinky bar in Ensenada in 1892, and since then it’s been handed off within the Hussong family generation to generation. Then we’ll quiz you and make you our new piñata if you fail to answer historical facts about our establishment. In any case, you will not be bored.

Azuñia Tequila Pre-Mint 400 Party!

Join the entire Azuñia Tequila racing team, including the Baja 1000 Trophylite winning driver Jim Riley, together with many other special guests, as we kick off the 2011 Mint 400 festivities. Special thanks to: Pam and Tom Salazar, General Tire, Dos Equis.

Look for Azuñia Tequila specials, food items created especially for Mint 400 race week and off-road industry enthusiasts and supporters.

See you all there!

The "Big Game" is Here! Free TD Jello Shots & More!

Come watch the biggest football event of the year on our flat screens, while enjoying half priced Coors Light pitchers and other food/drink specials.

WE hosted QVegas Business Alliance Luncheon this week and it was a blast!

Great event, great attndees and speaker, we were so honored and proud to have this wonderful group of local business men & women dine with us! Thank you, QVegas!

Burn a Hole in My Heart

(Anti) Valentine's Day Hot Salsa Contest on February 15th, with our own Chef Noe competing against two other local chefs in preparing the most appetizing, as well as the hottest salsa. Drink specials, food specials and lots of fire in the air, a good counter balance to the flowers and chocolates!

Some great games this weekend…we'll be "WED-ing"! (watching, eating and drinking, not getting married)

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