Up Close & Personal

Welcome to our first blog. Like our food and our restaurant, we promise not to bore you, keep it fast and make it worth your time.

Let us start with the “stinky cheese in the room”, as we foodies like to say. Like anyone, whether a company or an individual, Hussong’s Cantina is constantly developing and growing. We evaluate our success and our accomplishments in the same way any entity would. The hardest part of any evaluation is honest reflection. It is this part that doesn’t come easy to businesses (nor people, for that matter). We’ve spent some time being very honest with ourselves and, besides the hairy beer gut we’ve grown (which we happen to find sexy), we agreed a few improvements could be made. You should be seeing more consistency and a higher standard in our service. So far, feedback we’ve received has been mostly good, but there was some bad – and that just won’t cut it for us. Simply put – we are working on eliminating bad days. The hairy beer gut thing? We draw the line here. No one’s perfect. Gut stays.

So, with that out of the way. onto the fun stuff: we added new items to our menu! One new appetizer – shrimp Ceviche – plus a few new entrees, which you just have to come try in person. We also improved the way you can mix and match toppings for our nachos, tacos & burritos, which will make it even easier for you to create the ultimate dish that’s just yours, customized to your perfect vision. Some new toppings have been added, to name our favorite newbie: Veggie Mix. If you’re a vegetarian or simply not feeling the meat or breads, you can now order a veggie mix taco in a lettuce shell and voila – a low carb, vegan meal!

Other updates we think you’ll appreciate are our daily giveaways on Facebook and Twitter. We know, we know – we’ve said that before and you checked and checked and found us paying no attention at all. We are sorry about that. We were busy tasting our new dishes. Please DO check our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for online deals only – they are actually on there this time around. Really. You can check right now. Do it. We dare you. And just to show how clever we are about this social media thing, here’s a password that will get you Buy 1 Get 1 drink of your choice for a whole week from blog’s publish date – BEER GUT.

One great thing about honest reflections – it reminds us what matters to us. Not that we ever forgot, but it is always good to go through a cleanse of sorts and come out with concise priorities. All and all, Hussong’s has had some amazing months and we want to thank all of our customers for coming in and ordering their Baja favorites, washing them down with our ambrosial Margaritas (thank you, @BobotsBebot). We are stoked to be your place of choice to come and kick it after a long day at work (or a short day in front of the TV. Hey, we won’t judge). It’s why we are here. In all of our beer-gutty-amped-up-ready to-rock-glory; honored and pleased to serve you, to feed you, to entertain you, we are here for you.

Come see us soon and come back frequently!

PS: Our female servers don’t have hairy guts. Some male servers do. Probably. We have no way of actually knowing that. But we’re guessing. How do we guess this? Read about our guessing theory in our next blog!


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